Picture vs. words.

Honestly, I would consider myself a storyteller rather than a writer. I love to tell stories. One of my favorite things is to make my friends laugh or gasp in surprise. And if I can make you do both, well then I’ve had a top night.

I am a very visual person. I’ve been a painter most of my life. So writing came along and surprised me. How can I make someone visualize what I see in my head? How do I describe things that don’t exist, in a way that makes you believe they might? Interestingly enough, I fell back on one of my other passions.


I get lost in movies. The more magical and imaginative the world, the more I love it. So, when I found myself trying to describe what my characters saw or experienced, I imagined I was shooting a movie. Camera angels, different shots, wide pans, and tight lenses. I described scenes based on where the camera (our viewpoint) was. As a result, I believe The Door Keeper would make a fantastic movie. Imagine that, a writer who wants their book to be adapted to film. Lol.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what they don’t tell you is how difficult it is to actually get someone to see everything in the picture using only words. But I’ve found the challenge fun. Although my first love is the visual world and using my eyes to ingest the beauty around me, I’ve found words to be a beautiful tool to share it with others. Like paint, language allows me to show you only what I desire to, and leave the rest to our imaginations.


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