Sunflowers at Sunset.

Sunflowers at sunset

Photograph by: Matteo Righi

My eyes are closed. Immense beauty glows all around me, but I want to experience it through every sense. I smell the scent of my skin, having been under the sun all day. The faint breeze brings familiar odors of grass and nature. The smell of summer.

My face is warm under the sun, as it begins it’s decent after a long day of shining bright. I feel the leaves and tall stalks brushing up against my legs as I walk past each flower. Reaching out my hand, I feel the tiny flower petals tickle each of my fingers, like little feathers. The large, hard centers felt so rough compared to their soft and supple surroundings. I continue walking, eyes closed, toward the light source.

Until I can’t take it any more.

I open my eyes to see heaven meeting the most glorious part of earth. A smile spreads across my face as I take a deep involuntary breath. I love being in this place; hearing nothing but birds chirping in the distance and the occasional bee pass from one sunflower to the next. It is my escape and my one of my few constants. Every year, for as long as I can remember, I travel here to walk these wild sunflower fields. It brings me such joy, to witness the beauty of nature. It’s hard to be in a bad mood surrounded by golden flowers that mimic the source of life itself. I look forward to my trips here, at the end of summer; when the days are long and time moves slower. My yearly pilgrimage.

No matter what changes in my life; these sunflowers stay the same. No matter my work, my family, or the friends that come and go; these sunflowers are always here. Every year they grow tall, bloom, spread their seeds, and then die. All to begin anew. This is my welcomed reminder that nothing stays the same forever; beauty, pain, joy, or sadness. It reminds me that nature, and even life itself are one big cycle.

And that if you are patient, beauty and joy will always bloom again.



One thought on “Sunflowers at Sunset.

  1. We have a lovely sunflower patch here in Jarrettsville MD that a lot of my friends and family go to take pictures in during one week at the end of summer. This story reminds me of it, and how the perfect picture still evades me (too much sun, funny look on my face, etc.). One day I’ll get it right.


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