*Cue nervous laughter.

It’s finally sinking in. I have a contract with a publisher for The Door Keeper. I’m not sure exactly what I expected, I’ve seen this process from the outside. I have a few friends that are authors and I know I’m entering the harder part of it…letting go of what I’ve worked so hard on. Letting it out in the world.

But this junk is scary.

I’m about to submit my final manuscript to my editor. *Cue nervous laughter.

I’ve given my stuff to friends to edit before…people who love and support me. But this, this is a whole other animal. This is not someone who thinks I “poop sprinkles.” (Thanks to my friend Jen who gave me that lovely compliment. Extremely inaccurate, but still sweet. 😉 This is someone paid to find every grammatical error, every misspelled word, and every plot hole.

I am definitely in for a rude awakening. *Cue nervous laughter.

All that being said, I am super excited to see what comes back. Nervous, yes. But mostly pumped to stretch and grow. I’ve never written a book before, but my editor has. I know that with every book I write and have edited by someone who knows a crap load more than me, the better I’ll get. And I do want to get better. We should all want to get better at the craft we claim, right?

So as of today, my story is officially out of my hands (for the moment) to be refined, sharpened, and honed to be the best story possible. For those of you who have been my beta-readers, the friends and family who helped me develop it to this point, I sincerely thank you. You all have already taught me so much. Look for your names in my acknowledgment section. 🙂 You all have already played a ginormous part in The Door Keeper, and there is no way I’d be at this point of the process without you.

I think you all poop sprinkles. And I love you bunches. Thanks again for supporting me.



2 thoughts on “*Cue nervous laughter.

  1. Good luck with your novel. I came here through royal James publishing. I’m a fantasy fan and I’d love to review your book when it’s finished :).
    Don’t worry about any problems/editing you might get from the publisher, it’s certainly easier than doing everything yourself and everything done is to make your book the best. 🙂 take care

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