Writing: A snapshot of my life.

One of my most favoritest things about writing, besides making up words, is re-living the moments I wrote certain scenes.

When I reread and edit my work, I don’t just read, I remember when and where I was, and how I felt when I originally wrote it.

Once The Door Keeper comes out and is out for a bit, I want to do a fun blog series telling you the stories behind writing certain scenes. Because in all honesty, writing this story was as much fun as reading it. Stephen King says that the writer should be the story’s first reader, and that is how I felt on most days. It’s interesting, sometimes I would sit down to write and would end up writing something completely different than I’d intended. The story took a direction or a turn of it’s own will, without my direction. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. Sometimes I would be furious with myself for something I wrote…How could I do that to my character? Why would I write that?


One time, I slammed my laptop closed because I left a chapter with a ridiculous cliff hanger and had to stop writing for the day. That’s what I do with my books when I have to stop reading. πŸ™‚

The truth is, I like being reminded of the process. No matter what happens with this book, wether it sells or not, I will always be grateful for the snapshot of my life during the time I wrote it.


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