The Door Keeper Blog Tour The Final Day

Final day of the Blog Tour! What a great week. Ready for tomorrow!

img_0435Today is the last day of our, The Door Keeper by Steen Jones Blog Tour and we hope you have enjoyed the tour as much as we have.  

We have two stops for you today.

Our first stop of the tour today is by Please stop by to read a great review about, The Door Keeper. Check out a bit below.

“It’s a very unique Fantasy book that is all about navigating your destiny, the unbreakable bond between mothers and daughters, family, love, grief, loss, and courage in the face of adversity and the unknown.”-Rachel

For the whole review, click here

There is also a interesting interview from Steen herself. Check out a little below.

“How do you spend your time when you’re not writing?”-Rachel

“In the winter, you’ll find me cuddled on the couch with the dogs and my husband drinking wine and binge watching shows on Netflix. That’s about it for…

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