Not all news is good news.


Hello friends and family. After careful consideration, I have decided to push back the release date of The Lost Door until next year.
Between being sick for the past month and some other personal things I am working through, it has become apparent that I need to put my health and family first, especially during this holiday season. Everything is fine, I just realized I should probably capitalize on the greatest benefit of self publishing: setting my own deadlines!
Although The Lost Door is almost completed, there are a few things I do not want to rush, final edits and formatting topping that list. So I will take my time, allow myself to heal, and make the book it’s best possible version.
As soon as I land on a new release date, y’all will be the first to know. Thank you so much for your support, patience, and understanding these last few months.
I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season!

3 thoughts on “Not all news is good news.

  1. I got your email just now. Take your time and make sure you recover. your health is more important and your book can always wait so don’t worry about taking time out for yourself. Have a lovely holiday and Christmas and concentrate on the release when you feel ready. Don’t think of it as bad news either, think of it as time the book needs to be ready 🙂 Although a lot of self-published authors release books really frequently, remember that some don’t and often publisher’s don’t until a full year or more is gone so don’t feel the need to rush the release until it is ready and you are too ❤ ❤ Like I said health and family are more important, and we're all still going to be here when you finally do feel ready. Take care of yourself, have a lovely holiday and hope you feel all better soon 🙂

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