The story behind the door…

The biggest question I get is, “Why did you decide to write a book?”

The answer goes back about 7 or 8 years, when I stumbled upon the door. The door that launched this crazy story in my head.

Edited door

On a street, close to where I used to live, is an open field surrounded by walls of trees. In those line of trees is free standing door. It is still there today, kind of. But that will come later. Back then, it was a cream door with cracking paint, leading seemingly nowhere. One day, many years ago, I noticed the door as I drove by. Thinking it curious, my first thought was, “Where in the heck does that door go to? Oooooo, maybe Narnia!” Then the next time I drove by, I let my imagination wonder about it, and what may lay behind it, until I reached my destination when I forgot all about it.

Until the next time I drove by. Every time I drove by it, even if it were obstructed by trees, I would look at that door. Like a magnet drawn to metal. I couldn’t resist. Finally, one day I jotted down some notes for a story idea on my phone. Those sat there until more years passed. Every now and again I would add more to it. Little by little it developed into a plot. One day, while bored, I decided to write an outline.

Then I couldn’t stop.

Within 9 months of writing the outline, it was completed. And I loved every minute of it. Writing this book series has become one of the most unexpected and enjoyable things I have ever done. I can’t wait until I can share it with you all!

There is a different door now in the line of trees, no longer the one that inspired me to create The Door Keeper. That one currently sits in my garage, waiting for it’s final resting place in my own backyard. A daily reminder to never stop using my imagination.

But that is another story for another day.