The Mother’s classic love triangle.

I love a good YA sci-fi novel. I have read and loved many of the popular series. If you boil them down to their basics, they are stories that follow the journey of a young heroine, coming into her own. Discovering her destiny, growing up in front of our very eyes, and usually having to choose between two different men.

The classic love triangle.

While I admittedly enjoy getting swept away in the drama of a teenagers┬ámind, torn between two different cuties, it’s difficult for me to identify with. I’ve been married to my own hottie for 15 years and the biggest thing I am torn between is what to watch on Netfix with said hubby.

I am 35, a wife and mother of two kids. While I may not identify with choosing between two brooding, good looking, 18 year olds; I do wrestle with a triangle. And it’s a big triangle, wrought with tension. The triangle between me, my family, and my life.

The Mother’s classic love triangle.

You know what I’m talking about. If the kids getting a shower is up against you getting a shower, who wins? The kids. Responsibilities vs. desires. Needs vs. wants. No budget for [insert what you want here}, the kids need new clothes for school. Do I work or stay home? What’s best for everyone else? These are the questions and tensions we wrestle with as mothers, and that is one of the reasons I wanted to write this book.

My main character is a 30 year old widower who is raising her 10 year old daughter alone. Her entire life is putting her daughter first. What happens when she is faced with pursuing something important, something impactful, something outside of her family responsibilities? What if someone else’s life hung in the balance? How do you choose? Do you have to, or can you have both?

This is the central theme through out The Door Keeper. Having kids so young myself, this is one of my own life story’s themes and plot lines. Is this something you relate to? Do you find yourself in the middle of your own mother triangles? What has been one of your biggest mother tensions? I’d love to hear from you!