Meet the Characters

Protagonist: EDEN SAUNDERS

Who would play her in the movie? Zoe Saldana


*Just imagine the silver hair, large grey eyes, couple facial piercings, and a large colorful bouquet of flowers on her shoulder.

How old is she? In her early 30s

Eden’s family life: She was orphaned as a baby but raised by 2 wonderful adoptive parents. She married her high school sweetheart and they had a baby shortly after getting married. Her husband died tragically when her daughter was only 3 years old. She has remained single since and lives with her daughter, Gabby.

Eden’s profession: Eden has always been a creative starter. Only later in her life did she develop some follow through, (being a parent teaches you that.) She tried her hand at painting, selling at craft fairs, custom house work, but finally settled into creating and curating other people’s art by starting her own art gallery called WALL POLISH in her hometown of Woodstock, Ga.

Eden’s personality: Eden is often misunderstood as the outgoing, hard, partying type due to her unique appearance. However, she is rather gentle, joyful and usually a home body. She avoids conflict when possible and sees the positive in most situations. While she loves to laugh and entertain, she prefers the company of a small group of people and is satisfied to have her one close friend. She is confident in who she is and embraces what makes her different. Unfortunately, she avoids getting too close to people and uses surface emotions to keep from truly being vulnerable.


Who would play Gabby in the movie? Unknown, but someone who favors:


How old is Gabby? She is ten years old.

Gabby’s family life: Gabby is an only child and lives with her mom, Eden. Her dad died when she was only 3 and she doesn’t remember him very much. Her mother’s adoptive parents are her only living grandparents and she is as close to them as the distance between them allows. She loves getting to visit with them as much as possible.

Gabby’s gifts and talents: She is a student in the 5th grade and her favorite subject is art. She loves to create things, drawing, painting, 3 dimensional artwork, and movies or videos. She has a lovely singing voice and can’t seem to ever stop dancing.

Gabby’s personality: Gabby is very outgoing and enjoys being the center of attention and entertains everyone in her vicinity by any means necessary. She is humorously overdramatic and loves to make people laugh around her. All she needs is her best friend Emmie, and she is set in the friend department. The biggest issue she faces is fitting in. She overvalues other people’s opinion of her and can get crushed easily. She also is very stubborn and can’t understand why she has do anything she doesn’t want to, like math or science, or homework in general.


Who would play Ava? Rosario Dawson


*Imagine her with long light lavender hair and bright matching eyes.

How old is Ava? Ava was in her early 30s.

Ava’s family life: Ava was Eden’s birth mother and died during childbirth…the rest is unknown…for now.

Ava’s profession: Unknown

Ava’s personality: Unknown


Who would play James in the movie? Chris Pratt


How old is he? He is in his mid-30s.

James’ family life: James grew up in a loving and adventurous home. His father died when James was in his teens and his mother sadly died when he was 20. He has a younger brother, Charlie, who he has helped raise. He is currently single and living with his brother.

James’ profession: While James’ family money allows him to focus on his family’s long lineage of responsibilities, James finds joy in building things. He spends his free time building custom furniture pieces and refurbishes old antiques, selling them as often as he can.

James’ personality: James is a force to be reckoned with. He is a natural born leader, but has become quite comfortable retreating to the shadows. He is extremely determined and achieves any goals he sets. Highly competitive, the best way for you to get him to do anything is to bet him he can’t do it. He loves to laugh and be playful, but can be severe and dangerous if something he values is threatened. Most definitely an alpha male, but has an immense capacity for love and generosity. James’ biggest flaw is his quick temper and tendency to carry emotional weight of those around him to his own detriment.


Who would play Charlie in the movie? Ansel Elgort


How old is he? Charlie is 17 years old.

Charlie’s family life: Both of Charlie’s parents have died. His father dying when he was only a child, and his mother not too long after. He has been raised by his older brother, James. While he misses his parents, he loves his brother and the life he lives with him.

Charlie’s profession: Even though just a high school student, Charlie got a job working for WALL POLISH, a gallery in his hometown of Woodstock, Ga. Being an artist himself, he loves working around the art and putting his handyman skills to work helping his boss, Eden, put the gallery together. One day he hopes to help run his family’s business with his brother.

Charlie’s personality: Charlie is lighthearted and fun to be around, and relaxes the mood in complex situations. He loves to laugh and be silly, but his brother instilled in him a need for sincerity and compassion. He understands the weight that much of life carries, and his beyond the maturity level of most his age. He feels things very deeply, despite his lighthearted exterior. His biggest struggles are comparing himself to his brother, and fighting the urge he continuously feels to measure up to expectations of those around him. He has yet to discover what he was uniquely meant for.


Who would play Marek in the movie? Ricky Whittle


*Imagine him with short white hair and mint green eyes.

How old is he? Mid-thirties

Marek’s family life: Unknown

Marek’s profession: Unknown

Marek’s personality: Unknown