Anxiety comes before Vulnerability.

I am normally a confident person. But something about the process of writing, editing, and publishing has brought out some interesting insecurities in me. I couldn’t nail it down, or where it was coming from, until I finally realized it. I’ve been reaching out to reviewers and trying to prepare myself for my first negative review, (because let’s be honest, it’s gonna happen,) when I figured out why I was feeling this anxiety.


Even though this is a fictitious story that takes place in some fictitious places, I put so much of myself in this story. In some weird way, I feel like I’m laid bare on these pages. And the idea that someone might not like it… or like me… makes me feel a bit anxious. But that is what happens when we create art of any kind, right? We put little pieces of our soul in our work, that is what makes it good. At least that is what I hope makes it good. 🙂

I know this is a part of the process, but it’s new territory for me. Thankfully, I came across a quote on an Instagram feed.


It’s so true, and it’s a great reminder. Because we were not made to do nothing, say nothing, or be nothing. We were made to create, so we must be able to handle criticism.

I would love to hear how you guys are feeling about the things you are working on. What are you creating or doing that makes you feel vulnerable? Is this something that you struggle with from time to time as well?

The Cover Reveal!


I am beyond excited to finally reveal The Door Keeper‘s cover!

This beautiful work of art was hand drawn and graphically perfected by my talented friend, Meg Brim. She has worked with me in the past, designing the logo and art for my business, and there was no one I trusted more with this daunting task than her. I am simply blown away by her ability to take my crazy imagination/ideas and transform them into something so beautiful.

We wanted to take a vintage take on the cover to make the readers feel nostalgic, perhaps reminiscent of the stories you loved growing up. Meg incorporated some of the magical imagery of the story in order to convey a sense of wonder and curiosity.

I couldn’t ask for a more perfect debut novel cover.

Thank you to everyone who helped me through this process, who gave their input every time I threw another drawing in front of you. Thank you especially to Meg, for lending me and all the readers of The Door Keeper, your amazing talent.

I can’t wait to hold this in my hands!

Pre-sale date: December 23, 2016

Release date: January 23, 2017

About The Door Keeper:

Eden Saunders is a 30 year old, single mother, who has learned to accept tragedy in her life. Her mother died during childbirth and her husband was killed just a few years after their daughter was born. Eden’s existence currently revolves around raising her 10 year old daughter, Gabby. But when she is forced to open the door into her unknown lineage, Eden finds herself desiring things she has suppressed most of her adult life; adventure, love, and destiny.

In discovering where she truly came from, Eden inherits a key that opens doors to worlds beyond her imagination. The only thing stopping her from using the key is the fear of leaving her daughter behind. The Door Keeper explores the circle of mother/daughter legacies, and the bond that unites them; a bond that even death can not break.